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1438 "I"

interstellar ice absorption
Iceland spar
I c K-coupling
I c K-
H I cloud
H I complex
ideal coordinates
ideal receiver
ideal telescope
optical identification
identification of central fringe
identification of lines
identified band
identified radio star
optically identified source
to identify optically
H I emission
H I gas
igneous activity
igneous rock
H II cloud
H II emission
class III flare
type III (radio) burst
population II object
II (population) stars
type II (radio) burst
H II region
population II star
II supernova
() () II
() II
I j-coupling
I j-
back illuminated CCD
illuminated cross wire eyepiece
illuminated hemisphere
illuminated pinhole
illuminating star
quantity of illumination
upright image
image amplifier
image compression
image converter
image core
image definition
image de-rotator
detector image detector
comparison image device
image diameter
image dissector
image distortion
image disturbance
image elongation
image enlargement
image excellent
image exploded
image format
photographic image formation
image hard image
image intensifier
image motion
image-motion estimate
image multiplier
image nucleus
image of the radio Sun
image orthicon
image photon counting system
image plane
image processing
image profile
image reduction
image reduction and analysis facility
image rotation
quality of images
image scale
image scrambler
zero image shift focuser
image size
image slicer
image stabilizing binoculars
image structure
image surface
image synthesis
Flexible Image Transport System
image tremor
image tube
imaginary source
Hadamard mask imaging
IMB neutrino detector
Earth's immediate interplanetary environment
moment of impact
impact broadening
impact energy
impact of meteor
impedance matching
impersonal astrolabe
impersonal micrometer
imprisoned radiation
improvement of image
resultant impulse
impulse recorder
timing impulses
impulsive bursts
impulsive force
terms in aberration
to move in a circular orbit